В декабре 2008 г Дэвид принимал участие в ТВ передаче "RBB - Zibb"


может быть и нет ничего нового (но я не утверждаю), но можно просто посмотреть на ДГ ))

вот еще нашла на офиц форуме http://davidgarrett.forums.umusic.co.uk/t/153.aspx

на английском

Translation от Birgit

They start introducing him and show the video...and tell he is on Germany-Tour..
The presenter says he is glad to have him here..David: Thank you..
(Before David they showed another film with Vivaldi music) ...the presenter said, that David took his violin and accompanied...David said he plays Vivaldi at the end of the year and is preparing for it already..The presenter asked if there are any moments he is not holding his violin...David said, yes, in the night, when I am sleeping. The violin is in the case, not in his bed..The presenter said, this man loves his instrument, he commands it perfect...and then they showed another movie from his childhood to now.

The presenter asked about his word-record as the fastest violinist of the world...and if it is a quality criterion, David answered, that he does not see playing fast as a quality criterion, for him there are other things important, like a good interpretion of Beethoven and Bach, good cadences, that you can write good arrangements, Paganini concerts. These are the things which mean more to him....the worldrecord was for fun..and a little challenge..

The presenter asked if there are special exercises to play so fast...David said , yes there are a lot of technical exercises you should practise every morning ..the presenter asked if he does so....David said "yes" , but he begins with scales every morning ...he compared it with a ballet dancer (his mother was) that they practise at the ballet bar every morning with simple exercises.......The presenter wants to know exactly...and said...you stand up, brush your teeth, have breakfast ...and then you start playing violin?? David said yes...but he begins slow...(plays Bach), warms himself up.

The presenter said David played violine for 8 hours a day when he was a child...and that his parents were very ambitious and if there was a sentence of his parents David hated..David said, he thinks the sentence which no child loves....we know it better! ..we have more experience!! ...these were the sentences he often thought....I am doing this as a profession since I am 8 or 9 ...and if then your parents tell you which fingering or which bow stroke to use he had the feeling he knew it better than is parents. But you have to cope with it.

The presenter said, a lot of parents want their children to learn an instrument and very often the children do not want to rehearse. How many pressure should the parents put on their children...do there have to be any pressure. David said, he thinks without pressure at some time it is not possible, because there are days, even if you are grown up, you don´t want to practise. Beeing an adult you do it because of sense of duty, but a child feels free and and does not want and then the parents have to look for a permanence in practicing, that the child does at least the basics. You will learn it after a few years, but at the beginning it is hard.

The presenter asked if he appreciates what his parents did or if he had preferred to go on the football ground. David said he had loved to go out more or go on class-trips..but it was like it is and he cannot change is any more. But now he takes the best of it and loves his job.

The presenter said that he is on tour next January and that he also plays pirates of the carribean with Johnny Depp and David said he did this song because of Keira Knightly...(played it). The presenter said that David told he playes violin because he can attract women with it, if this was a marketing sentence or if it is true. David answered, that nothing of him is marketing..he was only joking....when he is on stage, certainly there are one or two girls in the audience and you always try to feel close to the audience...and he thinks it is good for the music to have someone, someone particular you play for...because sometimes there is a huge mass in front of you ...he thinks he has the best concerts if there are one or two persons in the audience whom you play for expecially.

The presenter talked about his concerts in Berlin, that one was sold out fast and that there is an additional concert..and he asked him if he has some days off...David said after christmas..a few days with the family....and then new year in New York...and he is going to party a lot...