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28.02.2010 San Diego,CA - Balboa Theatre/DAVID GARRETT Tour

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Violinist David Garrett Balboa Theatre

Show Review
by julia on March 9, 2010

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German-American violinist David Garrett played an impressive show at downtown San Diego's Balboa Theatre.

I first heard of German-American violinist David Garrett a few years ago, after he made worldwide headlines for falling down a concrete flight of stairs after a holiday concert in London. Thankfully he was uninjured, minus a few scrapes and bruises. His violin, however, was not. He landed on his violin case and when he opened it, his Guadagnini, crafted in 1772, lie in pieces. He pronounced it a mess. The prescription? Eight months in the repair shop, but Garrett needed his violin back sooner than that. He had another concert date in London, on Valentines Day. In a too-good-to-betrue twist of fate, Garrett received a Stradivarius to play days before the show, flown in special from Milan. He has played a 1710 Stradivarius ever since.

It was a stunning story, full of intrigue. I found Garretts discography online and was surprised to discover that everything was an import; there were no U.S. releases. At the time it didnt occur to me to shop amazon.de instead of amazon.com.

But there was information on Garrett, much of it in the European press. David Garrett, born in Aachen, Germany to a German father and an American mother, picked up the violin at age four. Initially the instrument was brought home for his older brother, but the youngster took to it and within the year he was playing in public.

When he turned eight, he was prepping for shows booked with the London Symphony Orchestra and the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and at 13 he was signed to the premiere classical label Deutsche Grammophon as a soloist. By his late teens hed already amassed a staggering resume of recordings, performances and tours. He moved to New York City and, to top it all off, secured a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become the first student under the tutelage of Itzhak Perlman at the Juilliard School, from which he graduated in 2003.

Further intrigue ensued. How could such an astounding talent, whod already conquered audiences across Europe and played in India and the Far East, be so unknown in the U.S., the country hed called home for nearly a decade? Where were the American music critics? Under a clear night sky outside the beautifully restored Balboa Theatre in downtown San Diego on the last day of February, I wondered how many other concertgoers wondered the same.

His band of four (drums, bass, guitar and keyboard) made its way on stage as the lights dimmed, but Garrett was nowhere to be seen. Then the first notes of Carmen Fantasie wafted down the aisle, followed by Garrett strolling minstrel-like, somehow managing to play, walk and smile all at once, his violin plugged into a wireless microphone to amplify its sound. When he hit the stage his band joined him in a spicy, Spanish flamenco-styled rendition that quickly heated up the theaters Spanish Revival-styled interior. What followed was two hours of such rich and exquisite vigor by Garrett and his bandmates that it was a wonder as to how they could possibly maintain this intensity within the span of one performance, much less a 22-city North American tour Garretts first.

Dressed in a black shirt and jacket and shiny gray pants, his dark-blond hair tied back in its usual ponytail, Garrett sports a five oclock shadow and tattoos. He doesnt so much look like a classically trained violinist as he does a grunge rocker á la Kurt Cobain, to whom he bears a slight and eerie resemblance. So it wasnt too surprising to learn of his love for hard rock and heavy metal music.

What was surprising was his uncanny ability to bring those genres and others into the classical realm (or is it the other way around?). By translating metal, rock, blues and R&B to violin, Garrett seamlessly brings classical music to non-classical ears and Metallica to classical aficionados, bridging and melding the two communities into one and thus devising a musical language devoid of genre and categorization.

By doing so, Garrett establishes his own unique voice and individual place among a small cadre of violinists and other orchestral-minded musicians, whom themselves have forayed into popular, contemporary formats like indie rock and hip-hop; folks such as Owen Pallett, Julie Penner, Petra Haden, Lisa Germano, Emily Wells, Andrew Bird and Sufjan Stevens. Reminiscing over his first rock album purchase (Queens A Night at the Opera), Garrett then launched into a slow boil of Who Wants to Live Forever. He continued to up the ante with unlikely covers of AC/DCs Thunderstruck, Metallicas Nothing Else Matters, Led Zeppelins Kashmir and a particular crowd favorite, Michael Jacksons Smooth Criminal,all of which sounded wholly original without diminishing the spirit and integrity of the songs and the artists who originated them.

It would be too easy to expect the violin to sound shrill, if not shrieking, on many of these head bangers, and maybe this seems all the more so because its all violinGarrett doesnt sing a wordbut its his virtuosity and deftness which create these beautifully pure and commanding tones in a new context. If the violin is said to be the instrument that most closely resembles the human voice, in Garretts hands its so close to the electric guitar its almost freakish. Dumbfounded and shaking my head in disbelief throughout the night, Id never thought in a million years a violin could ever sound like this.

Garretts not merely a metal head, though. He explained his love of all music genres and how they have informed his prodigious classical upbringing. His set verged into blues with Bill Withers Aint No Sunshine, psychedelic rock via Jimi Hendrixs Little Wing, Dueling Banjos bluegrass from the Deliverance soundtrack and the American musical songbook á la Leonard Bernsteins Somewhere from West Side Story. The real showstopper, however, was Chopins Souvenir de Paganini, a variation on Paganinis The Carnival of Venice. It begins rather benignly but quickly turns complicated, each measure more technically demanding than the last, and its not a lengthy composition to begin with. Garrett pulls it off,making it look easy, but its clearly not, and he freely admits it. The piece is as breathtaking as Garretts candor.

Sprinkled about were arrangements of his own, including a wicked version of RimskyKorsakovs Flight of the Bumblebee (for which Garrett is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, having performed it in 66 seconds), as well as compositions he penned himself, such as the bittersweet melancholia of Chelsea Girl. This Chelsea Girl has nothing to do with Nico or Andy Warhol, however; its a somber ode to an ex-girlfriend,
prompting Garrett to jokingly ask his band mates, And why are we still playing this? Garrett is not only a very gifted performer, but a genuine and heartfelt storyteller too, prefacing each song with some history, a few anecdotes and his easy-going sense of humor. Considering his lifes trajectory, its a testament to his upbringing and the people with whom hes chosen to surround himself that gives him such an extraordinarily down-to-earth, levelheaded, amicable presence. Its something audiences love him all the more for. Looking out into the audience, many faces beamed as if the spotlights were in reverse, and maybe they were. David Garrett was on stage, shining, a star already having been discovered in other skies, now appearing to American audiences gazing heavenward. We only need keep our telescopes poised to capture his ever-brightening future.

David Garrett performed at the Balboa Theatre in downtown San Diego on February 28th. His U.S. debut is the self-titled album David Garrett. Last spring, Garrett received wide exposure to American audiences during a national fund drive for PBS. His albums are available on Amazon.com, Amazon.de and on iTunes. He has also released two live concert DVDs.



He's So Hot

By Nancy Lane, March 3, 2010

https://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/201 … s-so-hot/#

German-American violinist David Garrett developed his talent from the age of four. Now 28 and a Julliard graduate, Garrett's repertoire spans Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" to AC/DC's "Thunderstruck." Garrett combines classical music with modern genres to bridge these worlds. The audience sat rapt during his rendition of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir," the best example of how Garrett opens the ears of the young to classical forms while engaging older folks with rock.

My favorite piece was a melancholy composition of Garrett's called "Chelsea Girl," which rang a somber note for the local audience who were aware of the search of a missing San Diego girl by the same name.

The passion shows in Garrett's face, at times twisted with intensity, or radiating a joyful bliss as the notes trickle from his instrument. With his model good looks, Garrett is a pleasure to watch as well as hear. As our neighbor at the concert, a 40-something blonde who drove from L.A. for the event, gushed, "He's so hot."

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A California Dreamin Road Trip for Fellow Forum Girls Part I

As you all know, the anticipation of seeing David Garrett LIVE can, pretty much, make us forget about anything else in our lives.  Jobs, Family, Friends all come second when hes in town.  Afterwards, we must all come back down to reality and face our responsibilities but, then, we have the memories to get us through until the next time.  So, this weekend I made great memories but am, now, a little sad that life has gone back to normal.

Full of excitement, myself and fellow Forum and California girl, Lisa, made our way down to San Diego for the concert (about a two hour drive from Los Angeles) to use the front row tickets I snagged at the last minute.  Thrilled she could go with me when my husband, Michael, threw his back out and didnt feel he could do the trip.  After our many messages and meeting each other, briefly, at the Anaheim concert (I will get to that later) we decided Lisa would come to my house in Los Angeles from Thousand Oaks (about an hour away) and wed drive down together.  Lisa had a free night coming to her at the Hilton Hotel so it made the whole trip so much nicer knowing we wouldnt have to come back late at night.  Since it was on a Sunday we had a leisurely drive with no traffic, listening to Classic Romance all the way down.  Lisa had some beautiful DG music on her Ipod that we played in the hotel room while we got ready for our evening.  All dolled up we headed out in a cab (too far to walk in 3 inch heels) for a relaxing meal.  We sat outside on the patio of a cute Italian Trattoria directly across from the beautiful, old Balboa Theatre with the marquee blazing DAVID GARRETT.

This was a much friendlier venue, I felt, and they did not check purses as they had done in Anaheim.  I took my friends very small Flip camera, hoping, to get some videos since we were sitting so close.  For the Anaheim concert I took a great camera Id rented and my husband hid it under his clothes.  I waited until after intermission to film.  I tried one song at Anaheim and, BOOM, I got caught and was nastily scolded from an official.  So, I couldnt get anything else.  I thought I might be able to get some video in San Diego using something smaller.  However, when I tried filming David playing Rock Toccata the usher came down in the middle of the song and I got scolded, again, but much nicer this time. OH, CRUMB!  Sorry, I digress.

When we entered the Balboa the usher looking at our front row tickets and said, Oh, you ladies are very lucky! The Balboa is a turn of the century theatre and was originally a Vaudeville house back in the day.  It went through many transitions and then the city of San Diego stepped in and renovated it to be a concert house.  Its beautifully old with ornate paintings and chandeliers.  The front row was VERY close to the stage and the stairs leading from the audience to the stage were right next to us so, as youre already anticipating, David walked right by us from the back of the theatre onto the stage.  We were mere inches away.  The audience immediately breaks into applause and hoots when they see David enter from the back of the house.  David breaks out into a smile when he hears the audiences reaction and Im thinking this must help him get through his last concert on the west coast.  Lisa and I couldnt help but wonder how he and his band must be doing with the crazy schedule theyve had.  We were amazed that his tour had him in Anaheim on Friday and then Reno, Nevada on Saturday, THEN back to California for San Diego on Sunday.  San Diego is only about a one hour drive from Anaheim so this didnt make any sense to us. With David not feeling well on Friday we were wondering how hed be on Sunday from ALL the driving back and forth.  Really nuts, I say!

Well, let me tell you I was AMAZED at how well he looked in San Diego!  I thought the antibiotics for his ear infection must have kicked in.  He didnt mention it as hed done in Anaheim and sitting as close as we were I could tell he was feeling better.  His eyes looked more alive and he seemed to be in better spirits..even after the insane road trip theyd just done!  David played, basically, the same songs Id heard in L.A. last October but there were some surprises.  He played Kashmir which I hadnt remembered and Lisa and I were in HEAVEN when he played Paganini and Dvorak.  Oh, how I long to see him play with a full orchestra!  Even though, much credit needs to be given to his multi-talented band members who have to withstand the traveling, just like Davidwithout all the accolades.

I just cant get over how much David moves me when I see him play.  Knowing a concert tour cant be easy, he still delivers, night after night, with such passion and emotion giving the audience a thrill to remember.  Sitting this close we could watch his strong fingers flying across the violin and the joy or passion emanating from his face.  In fact, we were so close we could, actually, see those long, beautiful eyelashes of his, not to mention, the grain in his incredibly gorgeous violin. The stories he tells helps bring the audience closer to him.  It makes one feel that hes playing for you in your living room and speaking to us makes him, somehow, more accessible and human. When David plays Who Wants to Live Forever I feel swept off my feet and then he turns around and plays Rock Toccata or Kashmir and THRILLS me.  I well up with such emotion that I cannot help but wish it would never end.  But, then it does and I must come back down to earth.

Outside the theatre while Lisa and I were on our phones speaking with family David and his band came out of the front stage door where about 15 fans were waiting for autographs.  We were standing further down, away from the rest, near the bands awaiting van.  I pulled my Flip camera out of my purse and got David, amidst the crowd, signing and speaking to them.  As he moved away from the crowd towards me and the van I quickly put my camera down, not wanting to disturb him.  He came right towards Lisa and me, walked in between us and stood for a few seconds, Lisa in front of him, me behind him.  It seemed to happen in slow motion.  His violin case, on his back, was just inches from me. In fact, I had to move back a step so as not to bump into him.  I looked up into his handsome profile as he was saying goodbye to the crowd and thought he seemed taller than I imagined.  Lisa, in the meantime, had the better angleright smack in front of him!  Could never have planned this.it was just luck!!!

After the concert we had a night cap at the hotel bar just talkin up a storm about how wonderful our evening with David had been.  It was so much fun going with another gal who has the same passion for David and his music. That was a real treatalong with making a new friend.

Pamela, source: official forum


Part II

There was a bit of difference for me with the concert in Anaheim, partially, because I couldnt resonate with the venue.  Partially, because of the horrible traffic we experienced driving down from L.A. in rush hour on a Friday and, partially, because I was nervous about trying to get videos with my expensive rented camera.

That being said, it was still an unforgettable evening!  Fellow Forum member, Dana, had driven down from San Francisco (Northern CA) and on our drive down to Anaheim to meet her we were continually texting each other while she waited to get a table at the restaurant across from the Grove (the venue).  (Unfortunately, on Danas drive from San Francisco her transmission in her car had gone out on her.  So, there she was a LONG way from home with her car out of service, needing to make plans to get her and the car back up north.)  Going back to the eveninga friend of mine, Meredith, agreed to take Danas extra ticket so it wouldnt go unused.  So, she, my husband and I finally made it to Anaheim and met up with Dana at the restaurant.  Once there we could relax a little and anticipate the glorious evening we were all about to have seeing David.  All day that day I was so nervous, like a little kid waiting to go to Disneyland (which, btw, is just around the corner from the Grove).  I couldnt believe I was going to be sitting so close to see and hear David.  By the way, this was Dana and Lisas first time seeing DG so I can only imagine how excited they must have been with anticipation.

At the Grove I had front row seats, as well, but they were not as close as in the Balboa and I found myself having to look up more at David.  The theatre is a cavernous place with no middle aisle. Although, I heard from Lisa and Dana that the sound was quite good from where they were sitting.  I just didnt feel comfortable in this space. When David entered from the back the crowd went CRAZY, more so than in San Diego.  I think this was because of the proximity of the venue to Los Angeles and a lot of people were there from L.A. whod seen him before, like me.  I dont know if it was the venue, or being nervous of the camera under my husbands clothes but I thought there was something a little different with David this evening.  But what?  No one else would, probably, notice but I was sitting so close to him that I sensed SOMETHING.  Maybe, it was due to the fact that Im now on the Forum and since we see so much footage and photos of him Im all too aware.  I dont know.  He played beautifully and smiled but there was something in his eyes.  THEN, shortly into the concert hes talking to the audience and mentions he cant hear us too well. He goes on to tell us that hed been to the doctor and found out that he has an inner ear infection.  I knew it!  I dont know how but I just feltsomething! The crowd loved that he told us and they shouted even louder to make sure he could hear us.  He seemed to be strengthened by this and, Im sure, he must have felt the love from the crowd.  He seemed happy and warmed up when he came out to play after intermission.  However, he was probably glad when it was over so he could just go back to the hotel and sleep. 

So, once again, you can imagine how we felt hearing he had to go to Reno, Nevada the next day.  Poor guy!!

All in all it was a weekend Ill never forget.  What could be betterseeing David, up close, twice in three days!!!  When Im in his presence I feel so glad to be alive to hear such amazingly glorious music.  There are really no words to describe how special David is as a brilliant musician and performer.  My heart soars when I hear his music and to see him in person is nothing short of breathtaking!

Pamela, source: official forum





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