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Вы здесь » DAVID GARRETT RUSSIAN FORUM » Showcases/Festivals/Promo/Live gigs » 19.04.2008 Novi Sad-Mazedona/ Macedonian Philharmonic Orchester*

19.04.2008 Novi Sad-Mazedona/ Macedonian Philharmonic Orchester*

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О фестивале



The Music Youth of Novi Sad (MONS) was founded in 1966. This cultural institution, which ‘sustains’ the music life of the city, has been organizing concerts for more than two decades, although its primary activity has been oriented towards thinking up and organizing concerts, radio and tv programmes and activities of educational character with the young as its main target audience.

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The concerts that MONS organizes are focused on an important and valuable cultural branch – artistic music. MONS organizes from 100 to 150 concerts annually, most of which are held in the Novi Sad Sinagogue, while some programmes are performed in the City Hall, the Name of Mary parish church, and sometimes in Studio M and the halls of the Serbian National Theatre. During the summer months concerts are mainly held in the open air : in the atrium of the Museum of Vojvodina, in the atrium of Saint George church in Petrovaradin, on the city beach ‘Štrand’ and in the garden of the secondary school hall of residence in Nikolajevska street.

The activities of MONS include the international festival of artistic music called NOMUS (it always takes place in April and lasts from 7 to 10 days), Novi Sad Music Summer (a series of concerts that take place in July and August) , Christmas and New Year’s concerts (programmes which ‘accompany’ festive days from Christmas according to the Gregorian calendar to the New Year’s Eve according to the Julian calendar) as well as regular concert activities throughout the year. This institution also organizes a number of concerts in other towns of Vojvodina.

MONS is maybe mostly well-known for its NOMUS festival. The fact that it has a three decade long tradition tells us that it guarantees the cultural life of the country in which it has been developed. And that is not all. In 2010 the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia declared NOMUS a manifestation of the national importance, and in 2011 NOMUS became a member of SEFA (Serbian International Festivals Association). By constantly upgrading its activities, paying attention to what is currently happening on the world stage but also to the audiences’ needs, MONS is trying to keep its old audience as well as attract a new one. As a consequence, the main effort in all its activities is to carefully choose programmes which will be performed by acknowledged artists from the international scene. Besides concerts of classical music, somewhat different programmes, which indicate fluid borders between classical music and ethno, jazz, and sometimes pop sounds, are also a part of the regular MONS repertoire.

Owing to the manifestations organized by MONS, Novi Sad has welcomed some of the most famous ensembles and artists such as: Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, The State Symphony Capella of Russia, Concerto Budapest Symphony Orchestra, Glinka Choir, Cosmic Voices Choir from Bulgaria, Kremerata Baltica, Moscow soloists, Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra, Camerata Salzburg, Munich Chamber Orchestra, Quartet Ebene, Kodály String Quartet, Modigliani String Quartet, Ysaye String quartet, The Terem Quartet, Wanderer Trio, Fazil Say, Yuri Bashmet , David Garrett, Richard Galliano, Gerardo Nunez, Gerard Causse, Hakan Hardenberger, Boris Berezovski, Simon Trpcevski, Aleksandar Knjazev, Martin Frost, Alan Gilbert, Marta Sebestyen, Igudesman & Yoo as well as a pleiad of excellent Serbian artists including Aleksandar Madžar, Jasminka Stančul, Rita Kinka, Kemal Gekić, Stefan Milenković, Nemanja Radulović, Roman Simović, Gordan Nikolić, Željko Lučić, Katarina Jovanović.

One of the important measures of success of every cultural institution is a well conceived, attractive and timely promotion of its cultural offer. MONS presents its activities via web site (wwwmuzickaomladina.org) ,Facebook page and mailing list.

The offices of the Music Youth of Novi Sad are in Katolička Porta 2 on the second floor, and they are open to visitors on workdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. !

Musical Youth
The building which is located Musical Youth of Novi Sad

http://quiz.muzickaomladina.org/index.p … mp;lang=en



David Garrett
Nomus 2008, Synagogue, Novi Sad

David Garrett
Nomus 2008, Macedonian Philharmonic, Borjan Canev-conductor, David Garrett, soloist, Synagogue, Novi Sad

http://quiz.muzickaomladina.org/gallery … &lang=



Интересная тенденция в последнее время - всплывают такие раритеты!



Elina написал(а):

Интересная тенденция в последнее время - всплывают такие раритеты!

Я попыталась к этому фото раритету найти видео. Неа((( Записи есть, но без Дэвида.


Вы здесь » DAVID GARRETT RUSSIAN FORUM » Showcases/Festivals/Promo/Live gigs » 19.04.2008 Novi Sad-Mazedona/ Macedonian Philharmonic Orchester*