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13.05.2013 Wien*

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Боже! Мила! СПАСИБО огромное за оперативность!!! Вот только оставлю эту вкуснотищу на завтра! Оказывается, я уже спать хочу))...



Мила, спасибо огроменное!  http://s8.rimg.info/21807c30a29daff0dba96a599c5c7033.gif   http://s8.rimg.info/21807c30a29daff0dba96a599c5c7033.gif



Ой не могу...  Посмотрите пост 85 , о чем Марта говорила...



suahili написал(а):

Перевод к предыдущему посту.
Своими впечатлениями и фотографиями поделилась поклонница из Венгрии, носящая никнейм stekker. Ссылка на оригинал постом выше.  Ссылки на видео я не вставляла, так как они все есть в этой теме.

Хороший отзыв с ноткой ревности (почему Маэстро не меня на сцену позвал?))). И с юмором)).

Мила, спасибо большое, классный перевод))  http://s9.rimg.info/c334baa6dd48b372904fd615dda112cd.gif

Отредактировано Лёна (24.10.2014 09:54)



Arta написал(а):

Ой не могу...  Посмотрите пост 85 , о чем Марта говорила...

О как. Вселенная нас определенно слышит)))).



Прочитала...потрясно,  с юмором и так по-доброму)))...сумасшедшее божество - точное попадание!  Надо запомнить)))...Мила, спасибо оргомное!



Elina написал(а):

Прочитала...потрясно,  с юмором и так по-доброму)))...

это по отношению к Дэвиду,

но вот это грубовато:
Маэстро лично пробежался вдоль рядов , чтобы выбрать даму (иначе говоря, чёртову счастливую суку), которая сможет послушать Hora Staccato, расположив свой зад в кресле посреди сцены,



uu, это и есть юмор, у каждого он свой))..девушка пишет в своём блоге, для своих,  а не в какую-то газету...







David Garrett: Music Tour – May 13, 2013 – Vienna


на английском... внутри много фото))

Once upon a time there was a bored girl who out of a sudden passion decided to expand her knowledge about classical music. She immediately asked herself how to begin. It is not easy to answer this question when your vague knowledge does not go beyond high school music classes. Should she buy CDs randomly that she may never ever listen to? Should she go to concerts where she may start to yawn in the 5th minute? No. Not the most sophisticated but doubtless the most effective solution is to search the web.

That is how I happened to start to sample relevant Youtube videos at the end of August, 2012. I do not remember which of his videos was the first I saw but now I can confirm for sure that it has caused an instant addiction. Two weeks later, when I watched all the video clips I had found pixel by pixel, I realised that it was time to take my new whimsy serious. So I got a hold of 5 of his albums in short order. But it still was not enough. The guy... khm... I mean, his music had utterly conquered my world for which I found no other cure than the hair of the dog:  I needed to see him live! Decision was followed by action, so last September I purchased my ticket for the concert of David Garrett on May 13, 2013 in Vienna.

In the meantime I didn’t waste time of course. I collected the newly released albums in the shortest possible order, watched many-hour-long TV shows in German just because he took part in them, even though I do not speak a word in German (LOL) and saved no effort to spread the word in my close circles. Here I would like to thank my dear friends and colleagues for their patience and their humour thanks to which the DG Fashion Special Edition Lookbook ‘was born’. Thanks to their further constructive contribution a treble clef pattern was painted on my nails and a pair of kitty-cat deluxe shoes crawled into my suitcase as a preparation for the concert. But before I convinced myself to change my whole wardrobe since I did not have a single piece of clothes to wear at the big event, an enlightening thought crossed my mind: it is a concert, not a date!

Whittling my high hopes like that I took the train on Sunday with my friends who are always ready for a girls’ weekend (or weekdays as a matter of fact) to invade the fair city of Vienna. The weather showed no mercy on us that day but we focused on Monday. As we had ordered Mother Holle to give us good weather well in advance (‘no appeal’ clause included) we had nice weather on Monday. It was ideal to hang around for a whole day. Our first mission was, of course, to grab my ticket. I was a bit worried knowing how things are going on at home, but it was no problem in Austria  to hand over a ticket purchased 8 months earlier on the day of the concert. The guy scanned the barcode on the invoice and printed my ticket. As simple as that.

So, we had nothing else to do than pass time till the concert. What could be more obvious than a makeshift sightseeing? There was no plan, just walking around. A lot. Therefore, keeping in mind the abovementioned principle, I slacked off: comfortable clothes, comfortable shoes. No kitty-cat deluxe. My hairstyle was the only exception. In this regard I gave in to vanity. I left our hotel with a tolerably composed hairdo. But Mother Holle took a graceful revenge: Vienna, strong wind, but my hairspray holds. Not till the evening though! Thanks to that I arrived to the concert with a hairstyle of a poodle. …keine panik (‘no panic’), after all it is a concert, not a date.

Upon the arrival to the venue nice and charming security people checked the bags to filter out sneak-in drinks and gadgets able to record video footage. Drinks were not allowed beyond that point but of course, as a compensation, a couple of steps further you could buy anything that caught your eye or taste. On the other hand, there was nothing to do about the gadgets. It was no use to have a man sit every X row with his back to the stage watching the audience whether they record a video or just take a picture, video clips recorded at the concert have popped up.

IMPORTANT: I would like to note that it is NOT me who recorded the video clips. I only have found them and put them under a link to make the review more colourful, so that my experience could make an impact on more of your senses. Most of the clips I share were made at the concert in Vienna but there is one or two which were recorded in Linz.
However all the pictures belong to me! They may be blurry here and there and following Murphy’s Laws most of the cases someone was moving but they are perfect for a memory.

But let us get back to the point! I was so excited by then as if I had been one of the performers not someone in the audience, so I wasted no time with eating or drinking, I took my seat instead just a couple of steps away from the stage at the edge of the row.
I know that the pic is dark but it is not the scenery that is important here but the demonstration of how closely I could watch the action. I was so close that I could feel the heat of the flames bursting out of the pyrotechnics. (After all, there is no rock concert without flames, right?)


At the official time of beginning there were not many people in the hall.


After the 3rd ring though the situation changed.


And finally, after all those long months of waiting the concert began. First the philharmonic orchestra stepped on the stage followed by the handful band of DG. And then a countdown started off on the screens and a camera showed DG taking his position behind the scenes so he could hit the strings with We Will Rock You of Queen.

Please do not expect me to give a full list of the played pieces because I would not be able to do so, not even if my life depended on it. It was a good mixture of pieces already known and completely new which had never been played before. Without attempting to be comprehensive here you are some of the already known: Music, Ode to Joy, Sabre Dance, Nocturne.

A pic of Dueling Banjos and another of Zorba’s Dance.


We could hear Somewhere Over The Rainbow,


and a beautiful adaptation of Show Must Go On of Queen. As a fatal teaser DG had no fear to launch Io Ti Penso. I assume it will be available on the OST album of the movie about the life of Paganini with our dear Maestro in the leading role. The music is beautiful and scenes of the movie were played on screen! My dear sisters, such a frontal attack would drive even rock solid resistance to its knees, so I humbly gave in at once to the inevitable: as soon as it is released I will watch the movie and collect the OST.

Turned out as some random pics but they did not miss the chance to ‘jam’ a little.


DG: Whatta! Bark beetles are gorging on my Strad?!
MW: Oh, come on! Let them be!


They did not leave one of the most popular surprises of the concerts out of the repertoire either when our rock star violinist calls a lucky chosen from the audience up to the stage. In this case the maestro himself trotted along the aisle between the rows of seats, with his tour manager/bodyguard colleague close behind to pick the lady (alias f***ing lucky bitch) who could listen to Hora Staccato resting her buttock in an armchair placed in the middle of the stage while the mage of violin was sitting on the arm of the chair to play!


The lucky one did not come from the first row but from many rows further behind so I watched the picking turned back. All the eyes were on DG and he asked the chick if she would go upon stage with him. But of course! Who would not? The atmosphere was rather relaxed by then so I was not really surprised when a lady sitting behind me, who could be my mum as a matter of fact, looked at me like we had known each other for ages and said: Ich auch (‘me too’)! We laughed together. Because that’s what a DG concert is like. Differences neither in age nor in spoken languages matter. The guy appears and each and every single one turns into a drooling fan. So ja, ja meine liebe Schwester, Ich auch (‘yeah, yeah, my dear sister, me too’)!

As an unexpected turn of events there was a break. Half of the audience immediately billowed out of the hall to take some nicotine, a drink or a bite. A ring marked the start of the second volume, so crowd back to their seats, musicians back to the stage. The band started to play even before DG hit the stage again. Knowing him everybody turned their head to spot where he would pop up. He caused no disappointment as he appeared in the middle of the hall. In the front a muscle-shirted boy held a board ‘Round 2’ written on it followed by some lightly dressed, torch clasping dancer girls. And finally he showed up wearing a golden silk robe, most often seen on boxers, the hood covering his head. The guy is just …a god. A crazy god!


The first song of round 2 was Eye Of The Tiger of Survivor which he carried through on a 3 square meter mini stage placed in the middle of the hall. At the end of the song ‘bodyguard colleague’ stepped behind him to take his robe off.


ICH AUCH (‘ME TOO’)!!! Anytime, any piece of clothes.

As another surprise ‘bodyguard colleague’ went up to the stage with a box in hand. There were emails of fans in the box. DG picked 2 or 3 and answered them there and then.


Maybe it is needless to say that our crazy deity told anecdotes all along the concert. Due to my abovementioned lack of language knowledge I did not understand anything of them but I can make my guess. I got 2 words of one of the stories: ‘cactus’ and ‘New York’. My guess is that during his absence the poor cactus died without watering. He introduced another anecdote with ‘5 years’ and ‘single’. My guess is that he has been single for 5 years. I may be right because hearing the story the audience groaned in disbelief. Moreover some phone calls were mentioned in the same anecdote but I have no guess about that.


The rear mini stage proved to be useful not only because the deity got closer to the people sitting far behind but also because he walked the distance between the two stages many times during the concert. How many times? 7 times exactly. Why do I underline it? Because every single time he passed by me he did it only 1 meter from me!!! Oh yeah, it takes a skill to purchase a ticket.
The pictures below are amazing not for their quality but for being a proof that the subject of my fangirling was walking around by me.


What can be done in a situation like that? First you stare wide-eyed through the lenses of your gadget searching for him. Where is he? Got him! Push the button! Is the pic OK? Who knows, you will check it later because in the meantime the apple of your eye gets at arm’s reach and that is not the time to stare a damn display! So you look at him. I looked at him. He …looked at me not. Though, maybe our eyes met for a second. …or maybe it was only my imagination.

At the end of the concert of exalted atmosphere we were given only a single piece of encore, the Earth Song of Michael Jackson for which he walked back to the mini stage again.


It might be true that the things are going on more smoothly in Austria but I had to learn that they do not know the never-ending applause beating at the same rhythm at every corner of the hall. So, the standing ovation had no use there was no second piece of encore. When the philharmonic orchestra marched off stage the applause died away and everyone headed off to the exits.

But I will not finish this review so suddenly. Since I have not yet shown my favourite picture taken there. Here it is:


There was nothing more left to do after the concert than returning to the hotel. There, of course, I gave an excited presentation to my friends about my experiences and after that we all went to our rest. I mean, they did. As for me, at 3 am I was still just rolling in my bed. Alone.
My request for an 18+ invitation only afterparty must have been misplaced somewhere in the maze of the divine bureaucracy. Serious fault but remediable.

To improve how I felt we rushed to Sacher confectionery next morning. Thanks to that we could take the train to leave for home packed with some authentic Sacher tortes and more importantly full of unforgettable memories.

If you took a liking to have a similar experience waste no more time! According to the website of the deity you can still purchase a ticket for one (or two) of his concerts.

The original post of this review is in Hungarian which you can find under the link.
A big hug and thank you my dear friend island_lovell who was kind enough to check my translation and English phrasing.
And finally a small reward for those who have read the full text. Here is another picture I took at the concert but somehow I forgot to post earlier. Though it is a nice view of the stage, isn’t it?





Лёна написал(а):


    DG: Whatta! Bark beetles are gorging on my Strad?!
    MW: Oh, come on! Let them be!

Дэвид: Чё за на! Жучки-короеды жрут мою Стради?!
Маркус: Ой, да ладно! Пусть будут!



Пост 61


еще много



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