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David's Band

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Сегодня День Рождения Франка ван дер Хайдена. Музыкальный директор, композитор, аранжировщик, продюсер, соавтор многих композиций Дэвида, дирижёр)). Талантливый человек. Уже много лет выступает вместе с Маэстро Дэвидом.
Поздравляем! Здоровья, творческого вдохновения и всего наилучшего!




У Франка ван дер Хайдена заработал его новый сайт.




Небольшая информация о Джеффе Липстине

http://www.hiptrix.com/artists/bio.php?artist=Jeff Lipstein

Jeff Lipstein

Jeff Lipstein is a magnetic performer. An acclaimed drummer, producer, and programmer, he makes the complex look effortless with dynamic speed and flawless execution. But Jeff’s virtues don’t end with style and technique; he has both a resume and reputation that speak for themselves. Beyond his success as a Blue Man Group performer, and a multitude of other impressive projects, Jeff is drummer for the most popular and successful violinist in the world, the phenomenal David Garrett.

Jeff’s kit work is mesmerizing, polished, and stylized, and thus he’s an in-demand cogwheel within the New York City music scene and beyond. Some of his other credits include The East Village Opera Company, The Brooklyn Rundfunk Orkestrata, Martha Wainwright, Clem Snide, Josh Joplin, and Garrison Starr. He’s worked on and off Broadway, produced and programmed for a host of name artists, and been featured all over major network and public television. Jeff endorses Vic Firth Drumsticks, but turns to his Hiptrix sticks when the lights fade. You can catch him around his home base of New York City with a host of acts, shows, and other projects, including of course, The Blue Man Group, and traveling the world with David Garrett, both recording and performing, with vision, the world’s timeless rock symphonies.



Немного "староватое" интервью Джеффа Аллена (ноябрь 2011), но за неимением богатого материала про него, пусть будет и такое...



Ed Matthiack interviews Jeff Allen, professional bassist from NYC, on tour with David Garrett from Verona, Italy.

Tell us about your musical background?
Well going all the way back I played clarinet back in the 2nd grade and learned to read pretty early on. By 7th grade I discovered the group Kiss and then started playing electric bass at the urging of my friend the great rock-n-roll drummer John Webber. We never put on the make-up but I started learning those riffs along with songs by Van Halen and Black Sabbath. That snowballed into playing upright bass and eventually got into and graduated from Julliard. Now here I am, a season Pro some might say!

What's going on for you now?
Right now I'm on tour with a German violinist David Garrett who does a classical/rock crossover thing. I'm thrilled to be working. We've been in Scandinavia, London, Paris and now here in Italy. Back in New York I'm subbing on Broadway and doing a fair amount of TV and commercial session work. I'm just doing all the things a musician has to do to make a living these days.

Where do you see the future of music going?
It's a very exiting time. More artists have control of their own destinies. You have to do more administrative work. It's less about somebody else doing it for you. You have to be willing to work harder and travel. I'm not a naysayer. I don't believe in the doom and gloom. Just because the record companies are crumbling doesn't make it bad for music. It's quite the opposite. How you get your music to the people is the trick, whether in the corporate environment on not. That's still the thing!

What role did music education have on your career?
Well, in a nutshell it helps to know what you're doing and sometimes it helps not to know. It helps if you can read and play in different styles. If you play different styes you makes yourself more valuable in different ways. Obviously you can make more money. It's good to know when to step up and when to stay in the background. Having an education has been helpful. Sometimes you have to forget about you ear training class at Julliard. If you are channeling the energy of an 18 year old guy playing in his garage you leave that at the door.

Why do you like R.Cocco bass strings?
I love to use R.Cocco strings. They last forever. I use them on my many different basses. Those instruments sound like they are supposed to sound. With R.Cocco strings I get the sound that's in my head. That's helpful.



Сегодня День рождения Йорга Колленбройха.

Друг, помощник, крестный фей и двоюродная мама нашего Маэстро)). А также человек, который мотивирует Дэвида двигаться вперед, как написал Маэстро в буклете к альбому Explosive. Когда видим Йорга на концертах и прочих мероприятиях рядом с Маэстро - это как-то....правильно)). Надежно.

Поздравляем Йорга с Днем рождения. Здоровья, успеха, удачи и процветания)).

Автор фото: Renata Marcinkowska‎




ЭЭЭ? "Двоюродная мама"??? Тогда уж лучше "второй папа")...



Elina написал(а):

ЭЭЭ? "Двоюродная мама"??? Тогда уж лучше "второй папа")...

http://s9.rimg.info/f440e99cf99cd84dc809b4e34f7d06a2.gif  Ну...помня, как Дэвид рассказывает, что Йорг его будит утром, следит, что приехал из пункта А в пункт Б, желает спокойной ночи, то...почти двоюродная мама)))



"И шо я в тебя такой влюблённый?"

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Я одна не смотрю на солиста? ))

За находку спасибо Ланке!!!



Ах, Франк))



У Франка - повод для гордости: первое совместное выступление с сыном Bodi на одной сцене. Младший ван дер Хайден - на ударных.

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