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01.11.2014 Wien - Stadthalle/ MUSIC Tour

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David Garrett – Classic Revolution Tour – Vienna, November 1, 2014.


на английском... внутри много фото))

Just sitting in front of my PC watching the video (adaptation of Paradise by Coldplay) taken by Éowyn at the concert hoping to find some inspiration for a review but the only thought of mine is that I want to be there again. Again and again I want to be there to feel the magic. How in the nine hell could this man make me hooked? I do not get it.

Why am I still fighting to get it, at all? On the contrary, I should just enjoy without a fuss what universe is pushing on me. OK, I did not oppose it tooth and nail but universe had to offer it three times to make me take a move on this concert. First I put it off saying that the seats though insolently expensive but closest to the stage were already taken. And why would anyone sit farther, right? Second time I excused myself referring to all saint’s day and like it was not enough of a reason all the seats available at the time were so remote that some binoculars would have been a must to follow what is on the screens. But when it popped up for the third time I had no more excuses and gave in to fate.

In the end I managed to get a ticket in between, in a side section.


Not even close to the point but luckily the dear Maestro has not given up his habit of showing up at different spots of the hall. The concert started off with his Superman entrée. He flew to the stage over the heads while playing Let Me Entertain You from Robbie Williams.


Note – and as for a bottom line, it is important – that no video footage was taken by me. On top of it, many of them was recorded at other concerts, not in Vienna. So why have I chosen these? Because they reflect the atmosphere perfectly or they have got a detail I want to show. And as the concert of Vienna was the last one of the tour, there are videos of all the pieces played at the show. So let us get into details about the experiences of those lucky enough to have some tickets in their possession.

We should start off with the music. After all it is the only thing attracting so many to the concerts of the Maestro. :) The various adaptations cover a wide range. There was Baila Me of Gypsy Kings where not only the dancers wore costumes but even some musicians showed up wearing sombreros.


Then we could hear Born In The USA of Bruce Springsteen and Ma Dove Sei with Andrea Bocelli singing the vocals.


Recalling a classic revue the dancer girls got on stage wearing a tailcoat and a top hat during New York, New York of Frank Sinatra, but further more I Have A Dream of Abba, We Are The Champions of Queen and even Wrecking Ball of Miley Cyrus were played. Of course, there is no DG concert without some classical music. The sound of Lacrimosa by Mozart, Carmina Burana (O Fortuna) by Carl Orff, Sonata Pathétique by Beethoven filled the hall with some virtuoso seasoning of the Maestro who had no fear to level up the experience with his own compositions. In the first round he showed Serenity which he has written with Franck Van Der Heijden. In the second round he played Lost Memory with the contribution of John Haywood.

But let us move forward since a DG concert could be attended not only for the joy of music. Spectacle and fun is delivered by band members, too. Babooshka rooted in Russian folk music is turned out to be one of the most popular songs of the tour for which Jeff Lipstein traded his beaters for a DJ counter. Moreover, he honoured the last show of the tour with wearing a fur cap.


So did Marcus Wolf.


But it was not the only curiosity. It was not captured before since everyone recorded the stage that at this tour Maestro was no longer alone to pop up in the audience. The dancers followed his example when they appeared in the middle of the hall during La Bamba to make their way up on stage.


Another pic taken during La Bamba. Sorry guys, I just cannot keep it to myself when thanks to a miracle I was able to take a relatively good picture of this perpetuum mobile violinist.


DG did not fail to tell funny stories between the songs. Thanks to Éowyn’s efforts I knew most of them when I was sitting at the concert. About the only one heard for the first time I asked Éowyn during the break.


Since the dear Maestro always tries to push the limits a step farther, it is kind of expected that apart from sight and hearing he would target another sense, as well, the touch. Of course, there is only one to have this privilege. In Vienna she was the lucky one:


She could enjoy Your Song of Elton John in full contact, literally, since this teaser god violin virtuoso put his arm around her while playing. And like it was not enough she was even granted a kiss on the cheek. After the enthusiastic beginning of the tour it seemed that the “kiss on the cheek” fund of the Maestro has run out but it was the last show!
(Edit - Nov. 15, 2014: Another video of Your Song in Vienna. Thanks to Éowyn this has got Hungarian sub.)

And what to do when there are others wishing to be privileged? Well, they should turn into a (wo)man of action. That is exactly what the one did who left behind the sitting and watching during The Well-Dressed Guitar of Deep Purple which was the first song of round 2. OK, being an idiot bitch does not require a certain hair colour but this one was a blonde. Of the hard core kind. Miss IQ Fighter went for the bow hand of the Maestro walking slowly between the rows of seats. Not for his arm but his hand while he was playing!!
There is no video of the incident yet, so the detail to be caught when watching the video is not the IQ Fighter act but the extra feature: the pyrotechnics which was attached to the pegbox of the violin. The pyrotechnics which worked flawlessly 19 times out of the 20-stop tour. It only failed at the last show! DG and Franck are playing in the middle of the stage when Franck clearly dodges since there is supposed to come the pyrotechnics but not this time. Because the last show never goes smoothly! Not even for the Maestro. The little star is not afraid to be seen playing on an electric violin – or maybe he just does not want to take the risk of damaging his hundreds of years old violins for some extra spectacle – and the fireworks refuse to explode. No problem though. We know that the Maestro is no tyrant but a perfectionist. So, at the next tour the colleagues responsible for pyrotechnics should have no fear to have his revenge. What they will have is his scrutinizing eyes upon them all the time. :)
(Edit – Nov. 15, 2014: God bless Éowyn and her habit of attending concerts well-equipped thanks to which here is a video from Vienna of the blonde claiming a touch in the middle of a song and of the fireworks refusing to go off. It is worth watching the Maestro at 2:00 when he realizes that there are no sparkles this time.)

A short detour now that I am talking about pyrotechnics. Such a sea of flames burst out during Fuel of Metallica that makes even a rock concert ashamed. But they reserved some for the Requiem of Verdi (here you can see the flames better and here you can hear the whole piece) and for the medley summing up all the success of the last 7 years which closed the concert.
(Edit – Nov. 13, 2014: It is pretty hard to take a good picture of such a feature but luckily someone made an excellent video montage of all the pyrotechnics of Classic Revolution Tour. In addition, here is a video from Éowyn of Requiem in Vienna with Hungarian sub.)

But let us get back to the specialities in Vienna! Presumably DG wanted to make up for the abovementioned failure when he took an extra walk during Paradise which on the other hand turned another one into a woman of action. ...you know, when a boundary is crushed... At 1:59 in the video you can see DG stop in his tracks. A brunette stepped in front of him volunteering to build some physical contact. But when DG stopped she lost her courage and blew a kiss at him instead. Maestro’s relief could be felt in the air when he returned the kiss. In the video you can see someone making her way back to a seat in the middle of the row, she is the volunteer.

The last song before the break was Livin’ On A Prayer of Bon Jovi. But I left it for the finale because… You have to see it for yourself. For the squirming and twisting of the dancer girls you can check out this video where I would like to draw your attention to the movement at 1:35. Truly like a virgin. I have no idea who has come up with this choreography but dear Maestro, please no more! That is what I thought at this point at first sight. But there is more. In this video you can check out the end of the song or better to say, the reign of the wind machine.
I must report that watching it live from the middle of the hall did not make it any better. The pictures below are in chronological order. Who will win the contest of ‘whose hair flies more beautifully in the wind’?


There are three contestants.


It is a close run, they are going neck and neck.


Some are losing their spirit now.


In the end there can be only one. :)

OK, I will not go bad-mouthing my favourite one, though sometimes it feels good. To me. As for him, he fulfilled the expectations again and introduced everyone on stage with a small show.


The audience was thrilled not from this point but from almost the very beginning of the concert. Clapping their hands was not the only way to express their enthusiasm. From time to time people rumbled using their legs with such a force it made the stand shake. And yes, I must apologize to the audience of Vienna. They do know the never-ending applause beating at the same rhythm at every corner of the hall. After the last piece of the show the clapping merged into such an applause and everyone stood up. The whole hall! And they claimed the Maestro back on stage with a standing-ovation. He did not fail to answer the call and came back to play Always On My Mind of Elvis Presley as an encore. Pretty unbelievable but no one sat down. The whole hall listened to the encore standing.


After all this it was quite a surprise that they had enough with one piece of encore. There was a fair applause at the end of the song but then everyone headed off to the exits. So, I will not compliment them unless they can claim a second piece of encore. They will surely have the chance to do so, since the tour dates for 2015 will be announced in a couple of days. I have no doubt that Vienna will be on the list. So it is worth to get familiar with Maestro’s website and Facebook page the sooner the better not to miss the chance to go for the best seats.

As there is no treat for other senses, to wrap up my review here are some pictures because you can never have enough of this sight.











Let Me Entertain You

https://www.instagram.com/p/BQAgj8YDB2t … shoe_mouse

Livin' On A Prayer

https://www.instagram.com/p/BQAgnyrDfaY … shoe_mouse







Nadezhda написал(а):

Лёна, ты еще долго будешь его слышать и видеть))))

Подпись автора

    Music is a mantra that soothes the soul/ Музыка это мантра, врачующая душу
    Michael Jackson

Надя! Ты была абсолютно права!)). До сих пор помню)) Уже 2,5 года как...



Лёна написал(а):

ELTON JOHN “Your Song” (с девушкой на сцене). Ой, девушка была очаровательна.  На этот раз брюнетка. Будет, наверное,  видео, увидим, о чем они там говорили. Но девочка умничка, держалась хорошо))). Мне не очень хорошо было видно сцену, больше приходилось смотреть на экран....В какой-то момент, камера показывает девушку, глаза светятся, сияет))). И опять очень тепло реагирует зал))).

Девочка, правда, прелестная)

Скриншоты (видео в посте 20)


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